Radiant Floor Heat

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Radiant Floor Heat
Item # eco rad 18
Price:  $499

Heat your home from the floor up with luxurious and energy efficient radiant floor heat! The Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater is the only tankless water heater designed for use with hydronic radiant heating. Radiant floor heating is more efficient than baseboard heating as well as most forced air systems. It is also a superior choice for allergy sufferers, because radiant heat does not circulate allergens throughout the home. When you combine the energy efficiency of hydronic radiant floor heat with the eco-friendly Ecosmart tankless water heater, your utility costs will plummet, even as your home is more warm and comfortable. The self-modulating technology of the Ecosmart ensures that a consistent water temperature will flow through your hydronic radiant heating system at all times. Available in 6KW, 11KW, 18KW, 21KW, 24KW, and 27K models to meet your home’s exact needs. 99.8% energy efficiency rating.

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